Real Estate


Buying?   Selling?   Leasing?   Modifying  your home loan?   Transferring title?   Liens attached to your  property?   Landlord-tenant dispute?  Need to quiet title to property?

Real Estate  transactions are often much more complex than most people realize.  They begin simply enough, but the intricacies and attention to details are  important.  Buying or selling a property may be the largest transaction  you make in your lifetime.  Do it right.

Who is looking out  for your interests?  Too many times, a contract is signed, and only  afterward does one party find out the other party either added or left  out terms that unfairly place costs or responsibilities on them.  It is  so much easier to have an attorney draft or review the contracts or  documents you use rather than be bound to less than favorable clauses in  any contract.

Don't rely on someone  who does not have your interests at heart tell you whats in the  document you're signing.   "Just sign here," can be dangerous words  if you do so without understanding what is above your signature.  Having  an attorney review your documents, make recommendations, and point  out potential problem will save you money and headaches down the road.   Preventing problems is more important, and likely a lot less expensive,  than solving them.

And whether you are a  landlord or a tenant here in Florida, the laws pertaining to your  rights are very specific.  You do not have to be bullied or sit by and  do nothing while your rights are being trampled.  Call me to discuss you  options.

Hiring an attorney is cost effective, not expensive.  Call me to discuss any of your Real Estate related questions.

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