Our Team

Don Gervase


Originally  from Michigan, Don Gervase has lived in Central Florida for almost thirty years; and has been involved in the business of Real Estate for most of  his time in Florida.  

Don,  together with his wife Sonmi, owned a successful mortgage company for almost a decade until Don returned to school for his law degree to better serve the growing needs of his clients.  

Now Don uses his vast real estate experience, coupled with his knowledge of the law, and offers a wide variety of legal services to those people seeking assistance with issues they encounter every day.

Jann Kisseberth


Jann has been with Provision since the beginning and is our paralegal and office manager.  She offers unparalleled service to our clients and has both a mortgage and real estate background in addition to her legal knowledge.

Sonmi Gervase


Sonmi is the financial wizard of the team.  With a degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida and her mortgage and real estate experience, she rounds out our team perfectly.  



Muneca is our official greeter. She enjoys walks and treats.